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Wine and Roses

Romantic HP Fanfiction

Wine and Roses: HP Romantic Fanfic (for adults)
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This a fanfiction community for all your romance fics. Any pairing and rating are accepted, as long as the fic meets the guidelines below, but we do cater to the adult reader, so you must be at least eighteen to join. (Please!)

Email any questions to emmy7792 at yahoo dot com.

Submission Guidelines:

1) The fic MUST be a romance. That is not to say that it can't be a little bit angsty ... angst is always of the good, but no dark fics please.

2) Disclaimers must be clearly displayed. If you do not know what makes for a proper disclaimer, email me at the above address.

3) A full header with the following information must be included:
Any other information, such as Distribution, Feedback, and Author's Notes, of course, are optional.

4) Any warnings, such as slash, must be clearly indicated. Any fic that does not have warnings properly displayed will be removed. Some people just don't want to read some things.

5) No Incest. Period.

6) No Underage Sex. All participants in sexual activities must be at least 16.

7) Please have your fic beta read. There is a yahoo group specifically for finding all fandom beta readers, and you can find it here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beta_connection/.

8) Slash is welcome, even encouraged, just always remember to put the proper warnings in your header.

9) All fic must be placed under a cut. No exceptions.

10) Off Topic posts should be marked as OT, and should ALWAYS relate to HP. Fanart, Icons, and random HP information is welcome, but please remember this is a Fanfiction community and therefore fic will remain the main focus. However, if you do happen to occasionally make a batch of 'shippy icons ... feel free to post them. Likewise, if you create some fanart to go along with one of your fics, please share.

Your maintainer is emeraldswan, and yes, she is looking for a few good mods. :)
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