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28 April 2006 @ 12:34 pm
Necessary by the Order / Ch. 6  
Title: Necessary By the Order
Chapter: 6
Rating: PG-13, for now. ;) *wink, wink*
Summary: Marriage law fic. For Sirius, the only way to protect her, he has to marry her.
Link to entire story with previous chapters: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2707088/1/

Chapter 6

Sirius called out to Hermione as he jogged to catch up with her. She was just closing her eyes to apparate when she jolted at the sound of his voice calling her. He reached out his hand to place it casually on her shoulder to apparate alongside of her

“You’re not staying with them?” she asked him, surprised he was turning it down.

He shook his head, pushing his dark locks from his face, “No, I’d rather just go home tonight.”

She slowly nodded, closed her eyes and apparated them both back into their living room. As they arrived, Sirius let go of her arm and started to shrug off his leather jacket, tossing it on the back of the couch.

It took Hermione a few seconds to realize that the spinning from the transport was done, and the room was, infact, the only thing spinning in her head. She focused on Sirius who had just tossed his jacket away and then flashed him a small grin, not sure what to say next.

Feeling a little awkward, she bowed her head and softly pushed past him, “Good night,”

Sirius watched her leave him, standing there staring at the empty space she had just vacated. He wasn’t sure what or how to say anything, but he had maybe hoped they would have talked a little, at least, before they went to bed. Maybe, for her peace of mind, go over what they’d done tonight and if it would be appropriate at other gatherings to be so…affectionate. Instead, she left him there in his thoughts, wondering what was next.

Before she was entirely out of his grasp, he swiftly reached out to grab her hand and turned around to see her stop and look up at him with curious eyes. Not thinking of what exactly he should say considering that Sirius Black just reached out and grabbed her hand, and not her fake husband doing it in public for show. His brow narrowed on her, hesitant of what to exactly say what he was feeling, if he was feeling anything at all.

He saw her eyes glance down to their hands and then back up to his own dark hypnotic ones and waited.

He felt a light surge start in his toes and flow up to his fingers, the way it used to when he started to develop a crush on someone. But, was it safe to say, even, that what he was feeling in his hindered state that it was, indeed, a crush and not just some pretty someone he had to look at day after day? Was it by process of elimination that he had started to develop this fancy for his godson’s best friend? Surely, in the morning, this strange unexplainable feeling would fade away and not just be an excuse for a good wank later in the evening.

He mustered something up to come from his throat that properly formed, “Good night,” and with that, he let her soft hand go.

With the release, Hermione pulled her hand close to her chest, offered him a slight smile and then turned and walked down the hallway to her own room. He watched as she quietly shut the door, turning back one more time to see him still standing there.

Around three o’clock in the morning, a thirsty sensation awoke Sirius from his heavy slumber. He glanced over at the clock, taking in the mental note of what time it was and realized he’d only been asleep for maybe an hour. He pulled the covers off his body and sat on the edge of the bed for a few moments to force his eyes open, before getting up to get a drink of water.

He stood up and yawned wide when he passed by his mirror over the dresser that was Hermione’s. He took a moment to check out his lean form. Clad in only pajama bottoms, he ran a hand over his stomach to admire his trim physique under the moonlight creeping in through his windows. Quite chuffed with himself, he went out of his room and into the kitchen to get that glass of water to take back to bed.

Quietly slipping back into the hallway, he glanced down to Hermione’s door when he heard something of a soft vocal sound. He sipped his water and quietly tip toed to her door. As he got closer, he saw that her door was slightly ajar and was able to see her lying under the covers.

He watched her stir under her blankets, her top sheet pooling around her waist to expose her in a small tank top. She had one hand resting palm up by her face and the other straight down under the sheets. He watched for a few seconds as she settled into her next position, admiring the way her hair fell around her pillows like a halo over an angel and her sweet lips poised in mid thought.

She started to stir again, releasing that same quiet sound that Sirius had heard before he came to her door. With closer examination, he saw that the hand that was under the covers was beginning to move, but not above the sheets. Her head moved slightly to the side and her chest began to breath heavy, dramatically rising and falling as she laid there. He saw a leg begin to lift, causing her covers to tent, and her lips released that small sound again, resting her leg back down. All her movements were slow and delicate, sweet and timid, but as he watched her lips move, her body relax and then tense again, it finally donned on him what he was witnessing.

As if someone had just dropped a bucket of hot lava down his body, Sirius tensed and felt the warmth rush through his veins. Hermione Granger, his godson’s best friend, was masturbating with Sirius Black a mere five feet from her!

His mouth opened slightly, gaping at the sensual scene that was unraveling before him. He cursed himself for not noticing right at the beginning and for a second, doubted his senses that they may have been getting rusty, even after only three weeks. He watched as the one free hand around her head began to slowly trail down her face and down to her waist to lift up under her light cotton tank top so she could feel her own breasts. Sirius was about to melt as the erotic scent of femininity filled the animal within him. He couldn’t see, but his imagination filled the void for him as he saw her covered hand underneath, shift by her waist. He imagined her slender fingers moving her panties to the side as they gently smoothed over her precious mound.

Sirius’s muscles began to tighten and he nearly dropped the glass of water he was holding. He tried with all his might to peel his eyes from her sensual form, just as he was about to get a peek of a nipple when she lifted her shirt up to touch herself. The shirt fell back over her hand and she proceeded to squeeze her own nipples while remaining sheathed.

With his mouth open and biting the air of testosterone, he forced himself to walk away. Walk away and not enter her room, making a big, irrational mistake. He had no right to take advantage of this situation, because in the morning it would still remain the same. He had no idea if she even saw him as anything but that “handsome uncle” and really didn’t get any impression if it was something she was either repulsed by or smitten by.

It wasn’t up for discussion at this point and he walked right back into his room. He set his glass on his nightstand, laid back down in bed, pulled the covers as high as he could and proceeded to wank his cock with ferocious strokes to relieve himself of the heavenly scene that was laid out before him.

In the morning, Hermione woke up to the sound of tinkering dishes. She forced herself from the comforts of her six hundred count sheets and threw on a light bathrobe to venture out into the world. She passed Sirius’s bedroom, noticing that he had already made his bed and quietly stepped into the kitchen, leaning against the doorway as she watched him cook over the stove.

“Good morning!” he sang to her, flipping the pan and letting it catch the pancakes on their own as he walked away to fix her some tea.

“Good morning,” she mumbled, making her way to the small table they had set up for two people. She put her elbows on the table and let her head fall into her hands.

Sirius didn’t take very long before he offered her tea and an extra glass of some smoky concoction. She looked up at him with hesitant eyes and a quivering lip only Sirius found funny.

He put the glass down in front of her and smiled, “Drink that first, then your tea. Trust me, it’ll help. I swore by it back in my good days, and I swear by it now in my better ones.”

She raised the glass to her lips, glancing over at him as he returned to the stove to look after the eggs scrambling themselves in a pan. After the first couple of sips, she was relieved to know that it didn’t taste half as bad as it appeared and she quickly swallowed the rest of its contents, feeling it fill her stomach and immediately some relief. She moved her cup of tea closer to her, watching steam rise from it and looked back at Sirius who was now dishing out two plates of breakfast.

He turned with a spin on his bare heel and made his way back to the table, setting down the plates before each of them. Hermione glanced down, noticing her eggs were a little over done than normal and her pancakes white, light and fluffy. Her mouth curved into a frown as she looked at her breakfast and pondered the way it was cooked.

Sirius had a fork poised to his lips when he saw her, “Is something wrong?”

She closed her eyes and asked him, “How did you know that I liked my eggs well done?”

Still holding the fork before him, he answered hesitantly, “Because, I remembered answering that questionnaire the night before we got married and that’s what you said.” He took the bite off his fork, “Is that alright?”

Hermione just looked down and nodded, a bit choked up with the touching gesture that he had remembered, “It’s fine. I’m just,” she paused, “I’m just surprised that you remembered something so insignificant.”

Sirius slowly chewed his breakfast, not quite sure how to answer that, so instead he quickly picked up his chomping pace and answered, “Well, you’re welcome. But, if it tastes like shite, it’s not my problem.”

Hermione broke into a smile, releasing a few stifled giggles. She lifted her eyes to meet his from under curled tendrils and lifted her fork to show her appreciation.

Halfway through breakfast, and their small talk, they heard the rush of the fireplace, followed by, “Oi!” It was Harry.

Sirius wiped his mouth and got up to see what Harry wanted, as he stuck his head through their fireplace.

“Morning, mate,” Harry announced upon seeing his godfather come through the kitchen threshold.

“Morning, how you doin this morning? Stay long at the pub last night?” Sirius asked, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the arm of the couch.

“Just one or two more, not much later. Hey, what are you doing today?”

Sirius leaned back to better view Hermione sitting in the kitchen, “Hermione, what are you doing today, love?”

“I was thinking of going shopping in Camden Market, today. Why?” she called out, after sipping her tea, grateful that the magical concoction had made her feel much better.

Sirius returned his attention to Harry’s head that was floating from the fireplace, “We’re shopping today. Why?”

“Remus is cooking tonight. Mentioned last night to have you over. So, whenever you lot get done, come back to the house.” Harry confirmed, nodding his head and disappearing into the ashes.

Sirius grinned to himself and pushed himself off the couch to return to the kitchen with his wife. He plopped himself back down in his chair, resumed breakfast and between bites asked, “Mind if I tag along with you, today? It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Camden.”

She’d finished her entire breakfast alone, savoring every bite, because it was the best homemade breakfast she had had in a long time. She gave herself a little jolt when she heard Sirius offer his attendance and she didn’t see any reason why not.

“Sure, I guess.” She sipped her tea, “How long has it been since you’ve taken the Tube?”

He violently shook his head as he pushed his eggs onto his toast, “No, Tube. I’m driving.”

Hermione stiffened at the very idea of being on his roaring contraption. She didn’t answer; she remained silent, as if hoping the idea was just a slip of the tongue. When she didn’t answer, he looked up through the black curtains of his hair as his face bent down to bite his toast.

“You’re not telling me that you’re afraid of riding my bike, are you?” he grinned, swallowing.

She avoided his eyes and heard him tap the table with his fork.

“You’re telling me that you are currently assisting the Order in all their dirty works, working with the Ministry and all those assholes, have nearly faced Voldemort and you’re afraid of riding a motorcycle?.”

Hermione couldn’t meet his eyes and instead, slumped down in her chair and held her tea up close to her mouth. Sirius smiled, letting out a deep low chuckle. He got up and took their plates to have the scrubber wash them for him.

He rubbed his hands together, the way one does with a devious plan and said, “Get ready to go in a half hour, Mrs. Black. We’re going for a ride.”

Hermione squeeze her eyes shut, knowing that he was going to say something like that and in the next half hour, they were both ready and dressed to go. Sirius waited by his bike outside, showing her that she had no excuse not to ride due to lack of space to carry her purchases, that he had bottomless saddlebags.

Sirius swung a leg over his bike and settled in, with one foot on a pedal and one foot still on the ground. He started the engine up, causing Hermione to startle as the sound erupted a volcano of nerves to boil over in her. She watched how casually he sat upon his mobile throne, like the manufactures had him in mind when they built it as he looked like a king in those fitted blue Levis and black t-shirt.

“So, get on.” He hummed with a casual arrogance, as if commenting on the weather. He knew that she was scared. He glanced over at her, pushing his silky black hair out of his eyes and added, “Hermione, I’ve sworn to protect you,” he raised an eyebrow, “and that includes while being on this bike.”

She ducked her head as he made his little joke, and hesitantly approached him. She put a hand on his shoulder and threw her leg over to sit behind him. As she settled in, she tried to find an appropriate spot to put her hands, but failed with having to ask.

Sirius lifted the bike up between his legs and reached back for her hands that rested on his shoulders. He wrapped them around his waist, forcing her to lean her cheek against his back and then started to move the bike into the street and with a vibrating rev of the engine, took off into central London.

Hermione held onto him tightly, she squeezed her hands against his stomach, feeling the firmness under her trembling fingers. She hugged him from behind, letting her chin rest on his shoulder, looking ahead at the city before her through new eyes. As the wind whipped her brown locks around their heads, she couldn’t help but feel an exhilarated rush that made her smile. With a sudden sensation that she may have been flying, she closed her eyes as her cheek rested next to his and listened to his voice as he spoke to her.

They rounded the last corner, seeing the crowd ahead coveting the streets and Sirius went down an alleyway to park his bike. Putting a charm over it so no one, not even the police could move it or see it, he ran a hand through his hair and glanced over at Hermione, who was now grinning. She had thoroughly enjoyed her first motorcycle ride.

They started up the street side by side, not holding hands like they would anywhere else in the wizarding world, as not many wizards were out this way. So, instead, they just meandered through the shops together, as friends, smiling and chatting and generally having a nice time. Hermione thought nothing of her hang over that morning, thanks to Sirius and felt free and vibrant. She couldn’t help but think that maybe, there was a little extra boost of something in there that caused her to be so airy and friendly. Maybe it wasn’t the drink, maybe it was just her finally feeling content with the friendship she was building with Sirius.

Through the shops, watching the crazy muggles and their funky attire, Hermione would browse the interesting books by muggle writers; band t-shirts for Sirius, then into the different foods down a walk way that smelled heavenly. As Sirius held all her packages, Hermione fetched them lunch to walk with as they wandered through the stands across the road.

While taking a sip of her drink, she glanced over at Sirius who was admiring the muggle architecture of the buildings, and she smiled as he looked absolutely fascinated with its structure. She smiled, watching the way he stretched his head back, letting his dark hair fall down his back and his chest puff out. The tight black t-shirt showed none of his modesty as it spread across his chest like a fitted glove, displaying his rather developed form. Far from the man he once was, first departing Azkaban, that she barely recognized his dramatic transformation.

“See something you like?” he asked, looking over in her direction.

She hadn’t noticed that they had stopped in front of a jewelry stand, complete with antique artifacts, as well as newer, trendy ones. She shrugged off her oogling, like she was merely tossing her hair around and looked over the pieces.

Hermione leaned over the rings, admiring the fine craftsmanship in the detail. She tilted her head to the side to better view them and heard the shop keeper speak with Sirius.

“Newlyweds, I take it?” the shopkeeper asked, nodding his head towards Hermione, who was bent over and looking at the funky silver rings with intricate designs woven throughout.

Sirius narrowed his brow and smiled wickedly at the man, slightly suspicious. “Yes, how can you tell?” Sirius was always on his guard. Being in such a strange muggle place, you’d never know who you were talking to.

“Shiny new wedding rings.” He innocently explained, pointing out to Sirius’s hand.

It was true; the silver band did shine like a beacon on his slender fingers. With that in mind, he glanced over at Hermione, who was still bent over the rings and saw her try on a fine detailed silver one on her right hand. He smiled to himself and leaned over with her, leaving his face close to her side.

He whispered loud enough for her to hear, “You know, I never did get you an engagement ring.”

“Sirius, don’t be silly.” She chided, standing up and quickly losing interest in the rings, for fear that he was going to buy her one of the expensive ones.

He smiled down to her, moving a lock of hair from her face and said, “Well, it would have fit the part.”

Feeling her cheeks begin to warm with the intense look he was giving her, she quickly moved past him, ushering him down another lane of shops. Sirius watched her leave him, knowing that he had made her nervous, once again and gave the shopkeeper a wink.

They wound themselves around the market, picking up odds and ends of unique stuff they’d found and gathered up quite a few bags along the way. Like a personal butler, Sirius politely carried her bags, or bag as he magically downsized them all to fit into one, as they walked together. He was starting to really enjoy being around her, and realized that she wasn’t half as bad as he’d thought. She had grown up quite a bit, and it was only when they were alone and breaking down their barriers, was he able to start seeing this.

They neared a couple of restrooms and Hermione excused herself for a moment. Sirius waited for her, learning against a wall, and just muggle watched. He noticed a couple of girls look his way a few times, smiling and then averting their eyes from his stare. Sirius being Sirius, he couldn’t resist a good hearty wink to them, knowing that he was forced to behave himself.

His eyes scanned the crowd and ended on a fair haired blond boy and two ogre sized lads flanking next to him. Sirius sneered as the revolting wizard turned in his direction, just to catch Hermione coming out of the bathroom.

“Mudlbood!” Draco Malfoy called, walking behind Hermione and shoving her, nearly causing her to fall to the ground.

In seconds, Sirius rushed past Hermione and went at Draco with his hand opened and grabbing him by the throat. He pushed Draco back further, forcing him up against the wall as he barely stood on his toes with the strength Sirius held him in a choke.

Draco’s eyes widened and started to stutter in shock as he was caught off guard by his cousin, once removed. “Fucking blood traitor! How could you marry her?”

“You touch one hair on her head, Draco, and I’ll be in a cell in Azkaban with your father, after what I’ll do to you.” Sirius growled in Draco’s face, hissing a bit to spit.

Draco’s eyes searched left and right frantically, looking for support from his two cronies. They stood a few feet away and hesitated as they slowly stepped a few feet closer to Sirius.

Sirius glanced over at Crabbe and said, “Please, I dare you. Come and fuck with me. We’ll see where it gets you.” Relaxed and not at all alarmed, he looked back down at his first cousin’s son, “You’re a coward, you little shit. Just like your father.”

“My mother will hear about this!” he spat, gasping for a tease of air into his lungs as Sirius squeezed his throat tighter.

“I’m sure she will. Tell her hi, for me. I’m warning you, Draco, touch my family again and you’ll be sitting in St. Mungos.” He threw Draco down with a powerful force and watched as he scurried to his feet, cursing Sirius as they ran away.

Sirius turned around and went back to Hermione who stood awestruck and, if he wasn’t mistaken, aroused. She was frozen, her eyes intently on him and her breath slightly ragged.

“Are you alright?” he asked, coming closer and giving her a little grin. He was picturing her in her bed the night before, with the way her chest heaved.

He reached up and gently rubbed her arm, changing his demeanor from intimidating and ferocious to gentle and sincere. As she began to speak, her eyes never left his, “Thank you,” she breathed, “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I did.” He nodded, quietly urging her to walk with him, but she was still just amazed with him.

Hermione remained mostly silent for the rest of the afternoon and when they were back on Sirius’s motorcycle to go over to Grimmauld Place for dinner, Hermione just hugged him. She folded her hands around his waist and rested her head against his back, closing her eyes and pretending like she was flying on a broom.

Something in her had stirred once again, with crazy, annoying thoughts of Sirius. In the beginning she thought that this was going to be the absolute worst mistake of her life, feeling trapped and alone. Now, as she witnessed a subtle act of chivalry, she knew that whatever was thrown her way, she wouldn’t have anything to fear.

Sirius smiled to himself as he leaned over the engine of his favorite bike, yet. He felt his thighs vibrating as it shifted gears and Hermione’s hands tighten around him with every rev up of the engine. He felt her press her body close, hugging him with her arms and gently leaning against his back for support. He thought about her the night before, when he realized this innocent creature, wasn’t so innocent after all. She was nineteen and all woman by now and her sensual exploring proved that to him last night. What, he wondered, would she think if she knew that he had had a good wank with the visions of her stuck in his head?

She’ll never know.

Sirius slowed down his bike as he pulled down the street he grew up on, passing the garden with the tall tree with the thick trunk that he and his brother, Regulus used to take turns climbing high into its branches. He passed the nice little houses all in a row, before coming upon his own, hidden by overgrown shrubbery and broken fences. His Mother’s house.

He felt Hermione loosen her grip as they pulled into the driveway, waiting until they made a complete stop alongside the house where he always parked it. Sirius got off first and then helped Hermione throw her leg over the side as gracefully as she could. They turned to the front doors and quietly entered, with no muggle knowing their whereabouts.